To browse freely in our catalog, select a category from the menu on the left.



In the product page you can view different pictures of the garment selected and read a brief description on the right. Always on the right you can choose the colors and sizes of the product. By moving your mouse on the image you can see a zoom.



To insert a product in the shopping cart select the quantity, color and size on the right. Later click on the button ADD TO CART. Remember that adding a product to cart does not mean to buy or reserve it. You can choose whether to proceed immediately with the purchase or continue browsing the site.
If you want to proceed with the purchase, move your cursor over the bag icon at the top right and, after checking your order, click on the CHECK OUT button.



On the first page of the cart you can see a summary of the chosen items.
The total amount of the order that appears in the window will be the price of the products chosen plus the shipping costs.
Once willing to purchase, click on NEXT and you will open the registration form.
If you have already made a purchase on our site, and you registered, please enter your login and password to continue. Otherwise, you have two alternatives:

1) create an account by entering your e-mail and other data required to complete the order; you can enter your billing and shipping address. Once completed, they will not be asked again. In addition, registered users can access all the information on orders and returns via the "My Orders" section.

2) if you do not want to sign up, make the FAST CHECK-OUT entering the information required for order completion.

In the page ADDRESS you can edit or confirm your address, or click on UPDATE ADDRESS if you want to change the delivery address. Click on NEXT and go to the next screen SHIPPING.

In the screen SHIPPING you must accept the conditions of sale and choose the shipping method you prefer: at home by courier or in-store pickup. Click on NEXT to continue with the payment.

In the PAYMENT step you can select the payment method: Credit Card or Cash on delivery.

Then, you must click on CONFIRM ORDER.

Your purchase will be considered concluded when the thank you page appears. In a few minutes you will also receive a confirmation email.


Payment is possible by credit card or via bank transfer.
Payment by credit card uses the PayPal network, but you can use your Visa, Mastercard and other types. If you pay by card, click on PAYPAL and enter your card information on the next screen. If you use prepaid card, remember to keep it after the purchase because it may serve for a chargeback. We guarantee that every purchase is carried out in complete safety. For more information, consult the legal area of our website.



To update your information, login to your account and click on the data you want to edit. Click on UPDATE and then SAVE to make the changes. If you forgot your password, you will find the link "Forgot password?" in all areas of the site where it is required. By entering your e-mail address with which you registered, you will receive after a few minutes the necessary information by e-mail.